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Avast Behavior Shield

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Avast Software is a leader in the production of digital security products for consumers and businesses. The software has a more powerful security module and demonstrates the benefits of advanced analytics based on cloud architecture. Antivirus detects threats faster and also has additional levels of user protection against cybercriminals. New features and improvements are now available for any product and work to prevent any threats:

  • instant hacker attacks
  • cyber espionage for accounts
  • password theft
  • stealing financial information of the user.

The company develops its products in all directions. Therefore, the fact that Avast entered the top 7 antiviruses in 2019 is not surprising.

What is Avast antivirus?

It is the global leader in digital security solutions. The company offers products under the Avast and AVG brands, which provide more than 400 million Internet users with high-quality protection against all types of Internet threats and dangers of the growing Internet of things. Avast Threat Detection Network is one of the most advanced in the world and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to detect and prevent threats in real time.

New computer security feature

This new feature constantly monitors the suspicious behavior of any software running on a computer and automatically protects the user from instant threats, malware and cyber espionage over passwords and bank details, which is usually not possible using traditional detection methods. This Shield Behavior option is especially effective in case of threats from ransomware programs.

With this option, the Avast threat detection network is the largest in the world. It uses cloud-based behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence technology, and access to networks of more than 400 million end-users to detect and neutralize threats in real time. AVG’s behavioral analysis technology is now integrated into Avast’s product line of custom products, which makes it possible to more effectively detect threats. But consider the fact, that sometimes users complain that Avast overloads the system because of this option.

What other options does Avast offer?

On this unique feature, Avast does not end its possibilities. Thousands of users prefer this program for its engine and advanced features. Especially they will appeal to gamers and Internet surfers.

  • Password Management: Avast Passwords has been redesigned to enhance the security of PC and Mac users. User passwords are securely stored and stored in one convenient place. Avast Passwords automatically manages passwords from all online accounts. In the premium version of the product, the user is automatically notified if his account information is disclosed on the Internet, and also has access to blocking passwords on the computer from the phone.
  • Passive Mode: this new mode allows users to run two antiviruses at the same time, choosing the functions they prefer in each of the solutions, without reducing the efficiency of the PC and without requiring removal or new installation of the solutions.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector: Avast Wi-Fi Inspector was first launched in 2014 as part of Avast Home Network Security. Wi-Fi Inspector automatically scans home networks to identify vulnerable devices, and also provides step-by-step instructions for solving security problems. Now, this is especially true, since large bot networks, for example, the recent Mirai, have learned how to successfully attack IoT devices and home routers.

Each product received support for an enhanced CyberCapture feature, which is a smart cloud file scanner. The developers promise faster detection, as well as the capture and isolation of unknown files for more in-depth analysis.

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