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Avast Password Manager Review

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You are probably one of those users who have accounts on several resources: Internet banking, social networks, other companies where you need to enter data. With Avast, you can store all passwords in a single place, protected by a single master password. Thanks to this, you can log in faster without having to use the same password for different services or, even worse, save passwords in your browser.

New Features with New Option from Avast

Avast Password Manager provides unique features for each user. So, with this option you can:

  • Create unique, reliable passwords for each account
  • Keep all credentials in one secure place
  • Keep personal data safe
  • Use auto-complete online forms in one click
  • Use online form auto-completion with the Safari extension available in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Synchronize passwords across all platforms and devices.
  • Log in with one click for secure access to all accounts from your computer with just one click on the smartphone screen
  • Receive instant notifications when one or more passwords are compromised

Why This Is a Worthy Feature?

Avast provides a feature that will help solve most password problems. This not only helps get rid of any malware but also optimizes your work in resources. So forget about hackers and malware, because with this feature you can:

  • Save time on logging in to your accounts.
  • Eliminate the need to hide passwords and pin codes when working in public places
  • Forget the need to remember or write down all your passwords.
  • Do not lose passwords, which will also help to avoid recovery procedures.
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that the passwords you use are unbreakable.
  • Store your credentials and passwords in a single, secure location accessible across all your devices.
  • Be assured of the perfect security of your personal data.
  • Get rid of the need to come up with new credentials when registering for each new service

How Much Is It Improved For Today?

In this menu, it is now easier to manage passwords. The function integrates into all major browsers, which ensures the automatic filling of passwords on sites. In addition, Avast Home Network Security is now called Wi-Fi Inspector and can scan all devices in the house for potential vulnerabilities and security holes. When problems are detected, the program will step by step explain how to get rid of them.

Thus, this Avast option has become faster and has become a more intelligent component. Manage and store passwords easier and safer. The user can be pleased with the new Avast features:

  • Free application for Windows computers, So and also for Android.
  • The component stores user passwords in a secure vault protected by a master password.
  • The component can be used on one device or on several devices with the ability to synchronize
  • Browser integration is supported to protect more passwords.
  • The software notifies users in case of password leakage.
  • Allows the user to unlock passwords on the computer from the phone.
  • Improved responsiveness and speed.
  • Avast Passwords informs users in real time about password leakage (Premium version only).

As practice shows, Avast again proved to be a reliable antivirus that works fine in real time, as well as in passive mode, too. Password protection is another argument in favor of this antivirus.

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