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Read About PC Matic Antivirus

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The market for antivirus solutions is abundant. It offers protection for all kinds of devices. Users with any budget may pick something suitable and secure their data and identity from malware and other kinds of threats. PC Matic is one of the options that often stand out. Let’s learn more about PC Matic antivirus as well as its peculiarities in the article below.

A general overview

This antivirus has come up with the opposite technology to traditional antivirus protection. Instead of having a database of known viruses, phishing sites, and other threats, the company chose to rely on whitelisting technology. It’s a cloud-based database with known secure files, programs, sites, and apps. Whenever a device comes across an unlisted file, the antivirus blocked it temporarily. At first, for 24 hours. This is the time when the research team studies the file and decide whether to whitelist or block it.

The engine is based on the Fileless Script Block and RDP Port Controls. Other features include automated PC maintenance.

PC Matic is compatible with every Windows version and now supports Android, too. It brings a set of optimization tools to remove junk files, eliminate small glitches, perform defragmentation, etc. They maintain a smooth performance of the user’s device.

Key facts about the program

  1. PC Matic is developed entirely in the USA;
  2. The developers state the program is capable of patching up third-party software to remove minor glitches;
  3. It stands out offering a unique approach to PC protection;
  4. By authorizing each user, a person can protect personal data from getting into the wrong hands;
  5. Interesting pricing policy and a lifetime subscription;
  6. An app for Android devices;
  7. No trial version but a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Other peculiarities

The antivirus brings a set of tools as well as the most profound scans ever. The system doesn’t only look for viruses. It checks maintenance, performance, and other aspects. The profound results reflect on performance, security, maintenance, and stability. It brings the fullest report (which is color-corrected). The successful tests are green; the skipped ones are grey. One can come across other colored tests along with the tips on ways to resolve the issues.

One of the drawbacks is the lack of recent test results from independent testing labs. This fact makes many users question the program’s legitimacy and reliability.


PC Matic has no trial version which is not convenient since the software is so unusual. However, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within this period, a user should test the program to the fullest to decide if he is satisfied with the services.

There are two main plans available. The first one is an annual subscription that costs about $50 per year. The second one is called a lifetime subscription. For a payment of $150, a user gets services forever. Both plans cover up to five devices. However, the second plan makes the antivirus one of the most affordable solutions on the market.


However, the database is not big enough yet and the number of false positives can be irritating. Hopefully, the developers will learn this lesson and improve this technology.

On the other hand, it’s also an optimization tool. It comes with plenty of features that remove junk and patch up the system to secure smooth performance.

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