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Bitdefender vs avast antivirus vs norton antivirus

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We always try to find the best for ourselves, right? What if we choose the best of the best? So, downloading the most suitable antivirus, we want to be sure that it is really reliable and will not let the system down. And it will also be great if it does not require investments. Therefore, here we will talk about the three best antiviruses. So Avast, Norton or Bitdefender, which is better?

Avast – the choice of millions

Of course, we must pay tribute to the Czech product. Being created back in 1988, the company passed a difficult path before becoming free antivirus number 1. Avast has a lot of advantages, especially as free protection software:

  • availability
  • reliability
  • efficiency
  • security

In addition, by 2019, the product went through some changes and now has new additional and useful features, like Do Not Disturb and improved web protection. Perhaps that is why this antivirus downloaded more than 400 million users. However, everyone knows that there is nothing perfect and Avast has its own flaws:

  • advertising
  • system overload
  • blocking harmless resources

However, this did not prevent this software from entering the top seven antiviruses according to the AV test.

Bitdefender – silent warrior against viruses

This security software was created in Romania and now it is one of the best antivirus software based on proactive technologies and virus signatures. Available for use paid and free versions. The free package does an excellent job with the basic tasks that the antivirus should perform:

  • scan
  • protection
  • anti-rootkit
  • phishing protection

In addition, this antivirus also has a so-called. SmartScan technology, which means that files that were previously checked by Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition will not be scanned again using the intelligent file skip scan engine. Among the shortcomings, users note the need to buy a paid version. In another, there were no complaints about this antivirus.

Norton – protection based on intelligent technology

If you are looking for a technological solution that is marked by the best performance indicators, we advise you to pay attention to Norton, an innovative solution from the USA. This software was created by Symantec and provides comprehensive protection for your computer and Internet access.

Anti-Virus continuously monitors the operation of the computer, preventing the occurrence of problems and ensuring its maximum efficiency. It constantly scans the most important areas on the computer, including RAM, registry keys and active processes. Tracks all file operations, network traffic and browsing the Internet.

Users praise this program for:

  • efficiency
  • reliability
  • usability
  • innovativeness
  • reasonableness

From the shortcomings, it is possible to identify the fact that the antivirus is paid, and sometimes it can also slow down the system. On the other hand, the program provides 30-day access.

So what to choose?

Of course, this may sound too banal and obvious, but we can say that this is a matter of everyone’s choice. If you do not want to pay, but to protect your computer, choose Avast and you will not regret it. If you need a simple and uncomplicated antivirus that will not interfere with the work on the computer and will not annoy you with advertising, choose Bitdefender. If you need excellent protection from any virus, with the best developments and you are ready to pay for it – you will like Norton

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